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Welcome to The Great Software Bonanza Blog. Great software, Great Prices and of course, Demo`s. After all if you don`t like what a software product does, why should you buy it? All software items listed in this blog are from respectable, honest and professional software developers. Download as many demo`s to try as you like.

Easy Website Pro 3

Easy Website Pro 3 has powerful features to build professional homepages and publish them to the Internet.
No HTML knowledge is required
Import your pictures and create thumbnails in one click. Use buttons, MP3s, video-clips, guestbook and counter.

You can also create meta tags, colored scrollbars and intros.
NEW! Version 3 includes WYSIWYG editor, MP3, MPEG, and Flash Movie support.

Create complete layouted websites in one click
Editable layouts, themes, buttons, logos, intros
Apply any colors to background, foreground, text and links

Publish your to the internet
New Guestbook and Form feature
New Insert .mp3, .mpeg, .avi and .swf files!
It's affordable

Trial Download

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Web Root Spy Sweeper

Keep your PC safe from spywareSpyware grows more sophisticated every day. There's more of it, and it's more malicious than ever before. Experts agree: SpySweeper delivers the most advanced spyware detection, blocking and removal available to beat dangerous spyware programs.

Browse where and when you want Dangerous and annoying spyware can infect your system in many different ways when you use the Internet. Spy Sweeper gives you 360 degrees of protection. Powerful new Smart Shields block known and emerging spyware threats as you browse?- before they ever reach your computer and personal information. If your PC is already infected, Spy Sweeper's advanced discovery methods find and completely destroy malicious that hides within your PC.

Download your favorite music, pictures and videos without spyware intrudersFile sharing programs and swapping music, photos or other files are notorious avenues for spyware infection. Spy Sweeper can effectively identify slight changes in new spyware threats or variants to prevent spyware threats from ever installing on your PC.

Stay ahead of new spyware threats with FREE defense updatesTo ensure you have the most advanced spyware detection available, we constantly expand Spy Sweeper's definition database. As a Spy Sweeper subscriber, we pass this powerful spyware detection arsenal on to you through regular updates.

More time computing, less time solving computer problemsSpyware infection can slow you down while online, or even prevent you from using your PC. Spy Sweeper quickly provides maximum protection with minimal interaction. Our completely upgraded user interface makes it easier than ever for users of all abilities to stay protected. With an easy-to-use console and customizable options, Spy Sweeper makes scanning for spyware a breeze.

Rest easy with continuous customer supportAll Webroot products are backed by knowledgeable and friendly support experts who will help you through even the toughest spyware problems. Unlike many of our competitors, we offer this online and phone support absolutely FREE.

Minimum System Requirements
Windows 2000, XP, XP Home or XP Media Center
300 Mhz processor
15 MB hard drive space
256 MB RAM
Supports Internet Explorer 5.5 and higher

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Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred 9 gives small business users and PC enthusiasts the power to create documents, reports, emails and more all by speaking! Fast, easy and amazingly accurate, its over three times faster than typing.

Just use your voice to dictate and edit in Microsoft Word and Excel, Corel WordPerfect, and virtually all Windows based applications. You can even dictate into a handheld device when you are away from your PC, or use a Bluetooth microphone! Its never been easier to use—no script reading required, so you can get started right away!

When you use Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred 9, it will change the way you think about PCs. You'll be faster, and have more fun, as you create letters, reports, and e-mails all by speaking. Just talk, and you can surf the web, open and close applications, even control your mouse and the entire desktop!

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 is up to 99% accurate, and often more accurate than typing. Dragon NaturallySpeaking never makes a spelling mistake, and it actually gets smarter the more you use it!

Most people speak over 120 words per minute, but type less than 40 words a minute. Dragon NaturallySpeaking lets you create letters and emails about three times faster than typing by hand!

You will be dictating letters, e-mails and surfing the web by voice right away! No script reading required to get started. We even include a full set of on-screen tutorials, and a Nuance approved free noise canceling microphone.

Use your voice to dictate, edit and control applications like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Corel WordPerfect.

Dragon products have won over 175 major awards for accuracy and ease of use, and are used by more people around the world than any other speech recognition software.
Use with Nuance approved Bluetooth headsets.

Dictate into any Nuance certified handheld device for automatic transcription when you synch with your PC.

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Power Recovery

POWER RECOVERY is a powerful Data Recovery Software that will scan and find lost partitions, boot sectors and other file system components.

POWER RECOVERY Professional can detect drives even if they are not visible in explorer. The full directory structure of the drive is displayed (Even on NTFS Drives where it is recoverable) and the built in search feature makes finding files much easier.

The Recovery Wizard allows even novice users to successfully recover lost data.
allows you to recover data from:

Lost or Deleted Partitions
Accidental or Malicious Formats
Installations Gone Wrong

Virus Attacks- Deletions
Local or over a network
Virtually Any Logical Disk Disaster

...Will support RAID as well!

Even if your computer has severe file system corruption, POWER RECOVERY can locate, recover and restore lost data. This program is an efficient disk recovery software providing you a complete answer to data loss.

POWER RECOVERY is available in a single machine license for end users ( Single Lisence) and a traveling license for technicians ( Commercial Lisence). Download our recovery software today !.

Our Data Recovery Software is Fat XX / NTFS Compatible

Trial Download

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emlBridge - Import eml Files into nearly any Email Client. With emlBridge you can import rfc822 standard text email files into and Outlook Express.

emlBridge acts like your very own personal Pop Server and allows you to receive .eml from your backups and exports. Transfers become a breeze!

Trial Download

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Tribal Web

Easy, Secure and Free!

Install TribalWeb, select the folders you want to share and invite your friends to join your private network!

(movies, pictures, documents) no matter how large they are.

Interrupted exchanges automatically resume with no data loss.

All files are exchanged at maximum speed.


No one but the users of your network can see the files you share.

When exchanging a file, only the sender and the receiver are aware of the exchange.

All the data exchanged on your network are encrypted
(Blowfish encryption with a 128 bits key)


All thoose features are included in the standard version and are totally free.

TribalWeb contains no adware and can be uninstalled easily.

Trial Version

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IBM Via Voice 10 For Windows

leverages over 30 years of speech recognition research into ViaVoice 10 which allows you to dictate, edit and format text and numbers into popular applications such as all Microsoft Office 2000 and XP product suites, Microsoft Outlook, Internet Explorer and Netscape Messenger.

Input text like the Pros.
It's like having your own secretary typing 150 words-per-minute for you.
Type a 10-page report in one hour.
Be more productive and save time & money.

Surf the Internet & chat rooms with lightning speed.
Repetitive tasks on your computer can be easily voice-automated.
Ensure you are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements.
Protect yourself and other computer users from developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other repetitive strain injuries (RSI).

Create, revise, edit, and format text in most PC applications. (See list)
Operate Email by voice - Create, send, and read e-mail, all by only using your voice. You can even hear your messages read aloud to you.

Create customized Voice Shortcuts that cut down on keystrokes and mouse clicks.
Specialized vocabulary topics (Computers, Business, Finance, Cuisine and more) can be added to the standard 160,000 word vocabulary.

Custom vocabulary allows you to enter complicated words you use frequently.
ViaVoice Text to Speech feature can read back both your typed and dictated text, which makes editing your documents easier.

The Analyze My Documents feature allows ViaVoice to understand your writing style and words you frequently use, which leads to greater accuracy.
Key control can ensure your voice command is not mistaken for dictation.

Quick Response Dictation allows ViaVoice to respond quickly and efficiently as you create text with your voice.

98+% accuracy on all dictation.
Quick 5-minute setup.
Full users manual
Built-in tutorial teaches you how to use all the features quickly.
Full 30-day money back guarantee

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Studio Plus version 10.5 Titanium Edition

Introducing Pinnacle Studio Plus version 10.5 Titanium Edition, the most advanced and powerful home video editing solution available today. Get Studios easy, intuitive process, plus added power and control to unleash your creativity.

Quickly and reliably capture and edit your media from popular consumer electronic devices, including the newest HDV camcorders.

More Power, Effects and Options
Studio Plus Titanium Edition brings added power, a larger effects palette and expanded distribution options. Studio Plus Titanium Edition now includes Pinnacle RTFX volume 1, a $99 value, at no additional cost.

Pinnacle RTFX volume 1 adds twenty unique effects to the hundreds that are already included. Now you can take all of your blockbuster creations anywhere with seamless one click export to your Apple iPod, Sony PSP and favorite DivX consumer device. NEW!

Simplicity and Ease-of-Use
The intuitive user interface with simple three-step process effortlessly guide you through the 1) Capture, 2) Edit and 3) Share steps and make learning and using Studio Plus literally a breeze.

Keyframeable Real-time Effects with Preview
Pinnacle Studio Plus now includes hundreds of keyframeable and format independent (SD and even HD) real-time effects and transitions.

Built-in DVD Authoring
s fully integrated CD and DVD authoring workflow allows you to easily create DVDs with motion menus and custom navigation on the fly for playback on most consumer DVD players or DVD capable computers.

All Popular Sources and Formats Including HD
Pinnacle Studio Plus now gives you the power in combination with Studio’s celebrated ease-of-use to capture video from the latest consumer HDV camcorders and DVD video cameras.

Professional TV Style Effects
With Pinnacle Studio Plus, you can create the extraordinary real-time multi-track editing and effects that you see on TV everyday like Chroma Key (green or blue screen) and Picture-in-Picture (PIP).

Studio Plus version 10.5 Titanium Edition is also available with hardware.

Studio Plus 700-PCI
Use the easy-to-install internal 700-PCI card to capture video on your PC from most camcorders or VCRs and view results or record back to tape in real-time.

Studio Plus 700-USB
Connect the 700-USB external device to capture video on your desktop or laptop PC from most camcorders or VCRs and view results or record back to tape in real-time.

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