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IBM Via Voice 10 For Windows

leverages over 30 years of speech recognition research into ViaVoice 10 which allows you to dictate, edit and format text and numbers into popular applications such as all Microsoft Office 2000 and XP product suites, Microsoft Outlook, Internet Explorer and Netscape Messenger.

Input text like the Pros.
It's like having your own secretary typing 150 words-per-minute for you.
Type a 10-page report in one hour.
Be more productive and save time & money.

Surf the Internet & chat rooms with lightning speed.
Repetitive tasks on your computer can be easily voice-automated.
Ensure you are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements.
Protect yourself and other computer users from developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other repetitive strain injuries (RSI).

Create, revise, edit, and format text in most PC applications. (See list)
Operate Email by voice - Create, send, and read e-mail, all by only using your voice. You can even hear your messages read aloud to you.

Create customized Voice Shortcuts that cut down on keystrokes and mouse clicks.
Specialized vocabulary topics (Computers, Business, Finance, Cuisine and more) can be added to the standard 160,000 word vocabulary.

Custom vocabulary allows you to enter complicated words you use frequently.
ViaVoice Text to Speech feature can read back both your typed and dictated text, which makes editing your documents easier.

The Analyze My Documents feature allows ViaVoice to understand your writing style and words you frequently use, which leads to greater accuracy.
Key control can ensure your voice command is not mistaken for dictation.

Quick Response Dictation allows ViaVoice to respond quickly and efficiently as you create text with your voice.

98+% accuracy on all dictation.
Quick 5-minute setup.
Full users manual
Built-in tutorial teaches you how to use all the features quickly.
Full 30-day money back guarantee

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